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Hi there! I'm Jessica.

I'm currently working as an Experience Designer at R/GA.  I just graduated from Carnegie Mellon University studying Design and Computer Science under the BXA program.  I am interested in speculative, visual, and tactile experiences.   In my work, I like to experiment with form, instill rhythm, and build systems.  Currently looking to expand my skills in creative coding and digital fabrication. Working/living with this bunch of talented people.  

Recently, I was an Intern on the Maps HI team at Apple Inc. 
Read about my experience here.

I like Laika movies, blueberries, and oxford commas.


Random things I do for fun:

Animate things
Watch too many cooking shows
Attempt to dance

some Current Projects:

Thinking about speculative products for the Biodesign Challenge   
Producing for the fashion show Lunar Gala
Designing a cultural urban space in Pittsburgh's Hill District

check out my design ethos