Web Application

I worked with my peers Rahshel Brown, Jason Sam, Aalique Graham, and Christtia Zheng to create the CloudDJ web application.  The application works similarly to SoundCloud, where users can create playlists, listen to music, post music, and rate music. Aside from these functionalities, users can also record, upload, and edit their own music directly in the web application.  

These functionalities are created with the Django Framework, wavesurfer.js, and the pydub libraries.  As a group, we split the programming work evenly, but I had a larger emphasis on the design, working on how to best display the necessary information, functions, and interface.  While the design did not play a large part of the actual project as it was a programming course, I decided to have fun with the visuals.   

Some of the more interesting abilities we fully implemented include email confirmation/user log in, recording, music visualization, music editing (splice, repeat, etc.), music upload, image upload, competition, and a simple AI for parsing suggested music.  

We had some problems with deployment on the HerokuApp, and we are still working out the kinks, but you can take a look here

You can check out the code on Github


Some planned wireframes:


Template and a screenshot of the editing page (we had to make affordances for the code)