Form: Studies

Over the past few years, I have created several artifacts using various methods
and materials.  Through this process, I gained an understanding of physical form, communication, ergonomics, craft, and material abilities.  


Experimental Form

Using sandstone and the limitation of three days, I created a circular form that encourages touch.  This project involved designing through creation and touch. Rather than sketching out every last detail, I created lines and forms as I sanded away the surface.

created with sandstone



Form + Fire

I designed a fire extinguisher for a theater environment.  After exploring forms and shapes in theaters, I worked with several form ideas.  I made several foam models and worked with the more physical logistics such as handles, safety mechanisms, and gauges.  I also thought about different elements such as lighting and environments specific to theaters. 
My final concept is made to be put within the actual theater of a theater. Because of the typically dark room, the extinguisher would have an led strip on the side to illuminate the form and keep it within sight.  The dock would act as a power source similar to wireless charging. 

created with renshape & grey primer


FlowForm Spatula

This project was a study on form, ergonomics, and functionality while learning basic machining tools.  We created a spatula from a 3*4*12 block of beech with only four cuts.   Throughout the process, I focused on the interplay between the four fair curves that I cut and the comfort of the spatula.

created with beechwood


GeoForm Stool

Given a 10x60 board of poplar, we were limited to creating a four board stool with only right angles that would display a specific book.  I took the challenge to try and make a stool with no screws.  The stool works as a puzzle and locks into itself so that it is stable when set up.   It also packs completely flat into four small boards. 

I chose to use Yaoi Kusama's illustrated Alice in Wonderland.  Based on the cover of the book as well as the natural grain of the wood, I tried to emphasize the idea of "falling into the rabbit hole."  The stool is stable upright, but upon sitting and leaning back after taking out the book, the chair tilts creating a falling feeling  to a more comfortable, supported position (somewhat like a typical college dorm chair).  

created with poplar



This vessel was created by vacuum-forming styrene over a wooden form shaped on a lathe and split.   It was designed to enhance the forms and characteristics of the three succulents and create a relationship between the vessel and the plants. 
A problem I noticed with the small plants was how to water them close to the root without wetting the leaves.  So I created several "watering points," where pouring water into these corners would direct the water towards the roots without creating a mess.  

created with beechwood and styrene


Plastiform Hand Tools

A study on hand ergonomics, I created a hand axe and scraper inspired by primitive hand tools.   These tools were designed for the user to understand its function simply through form.   When the tools are picked up, the curves and edges should naturally direct the user to comfortably hold it in the correct way.  

Created with renshape & grey primer