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Henry: Interaction Design

Given a prompt by Ford, "Imagine the future of mobility in 2050", I worked with two of my peers, Jane Yoon and Mirae Kim to explore transportation systems.  We chose to focus on relationship between a family and the family vehicle.  As we developed the concept, we moved towards the school bus as a problem space.  



The School bus system is an important part of transporting kids from home to school that hasn't been developed much since its inception.  However, school busses provide a large opportunity for an important transitional space educationally, socially, and mentally for children.  

Henry the Bus is a concept for a future school bus that helps elementary school kids to prepare for school by encouraging creativity and positive energy. The bus consists of characterized features, modular seats and an application. These three attributes allow kids to enjoy their trip to school but also ensure parents and teachers that kids are safe.   




When we are asked to explore what mobility can become in the near and far future by Ford Motor Company, we began with the idea of redesigning the family car. Our idea was to explore the vehicle as a mobile family dining table to increase family interaction. Throughout our research, we realized that due to over population and congestion families will use personal vehicles less often and use public transportation. 

We chose focused on the specific target audience elementary school students, which led us to think about social interactions within the bus. We considered tackling the bully culture and providing social development curriculum. However, the social problem was too complex and overwhelming for kids at that age.  We finally decided to focus more about the idea of bus becoming a transitional space during the trip from home to school emphasizing safety, empathy and free play.  

Some Inspiration:  Mercedes Boost, Shuddle, Tayo bus


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