SOS : Water

Soft Goods

Along with group members Miriam Buchwald and Andro Zuzul, we explored the world of soft goods.  Given the prompt of "water", we researched different problems surrounding the idea of water from hydration to waste, and eventually, large disaster.  

We looked at different hurricane and flood situations, focusing on Hurricane Katrina as a case study.  We found that many victims stayed on their rooftops for days to weeks signaling distress in any way possible.  Although the rooftops were generally safe and visible, victims suffered from sun exposure and were often limited in terms of signaling.

Ultimately, we designed a signaling system of a rooftop shelter.  It its set up state, it has a reflective "S.O.S" for better visibility at night by aerial rescue.   Post rescue, the top flap of the tent can be reversed to signal safety.  This lets responders know immediately that the location has been checked, reducing wasted time.  

We fabricated a 1/3 scale model out of Nylon and reflective fabrics.

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