Apple Inc. Design Internship

During my time at Apple, I collaborated on the Maps Human Interface team on various team projects and presented an intern project solving a design problem in Apple Map.  The focus of my project was personalizing the maps experience.  I used Swift to create an interactive prototype. 

read more about my experience here


Intern Project: Maps for you

Today when you open Apple maps, everyone sees the same map.  However, our devices contain so much location based information important to us. This includes information from other applications such as Calendars, Find My Friends, Reminders, Apple Music, Carplay, etc, but most importantly, our favorite locations from maps itself.  None of this information is surfaced directly on the map.  

A primary goal for my intern project was highlighting these locations on the map and throughout the system, but focused primarily on redesigning the favoriting process in Apple Maps and integrating it more into the system.  

I worked with the Placecard of saved locations, adding user data, such as photos taken at the location, visits, and notes, all which could be pulled from other applications or added by hand.  I also proposed the idea of location "collections," integrating it into the "Nearby" feature of iOS 9. Collections are a way of categorizing locations that you have saved and provides a platform for creating shared groups of locations with friends, following popular sets of locations, and generating directions with multiple locations.  

Based on saved locations, suggested locations in the "Nearby" feature can be optimized to suggest locations relevant to the user.  Users can easily favorite suggested locations. 

used Sketch 3, Swift 2

example Placecard, suggestions, and suggestions nearby (and favoriting swipe)



Several use examples for collections, such as publicly followed collections, shared group collections (great for trips or bucket lists!), and multiple destinations.  



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LinkedIn Design Challenge

A 7 day design challenge for LinkedIn.  Check out my process and prototype. 

Scrollmo UX Internship

As part of the 3-person startup, Scrollmo, I worked closely with an engineer to design a reporting interface.  Scrollmo designed a new form of parallax mobile ads. Aside from helping implement some of their mobile ad spaces, I designed and prototyped the web interface for companies that would use Scrollmo as a form of advertisements.  I researched several reporting interfaces, picking out what would be most important and relevant to consumers.  To understand the best flow for consumers, I created several very different concepts.  I then created a working prototype using HTML/CSS and D3js. 

While I was working at Scrollmo, I also worked part time at Rhiza.  Read about my experience here.

Some iterations:


Among one of my earliest iterations, I created a prototype of a more holistic view of campaign analytics, focusing on immediate, at-a-glance views.  After speaking with a few client companies, I pulled out the information they wanted to see and understand first.

Moving on from the holistic view, I moved to the other side -- a case-by-case version of data.  Ultimately, we chose the latter.  After the design, I implemented the front end and worked with a back end engineer to implement the system.