Lunar Gala

Lunar Gala is a student run fashion show at Carnegie Mellon. The show has been considered both the most professional show at Carnegie Mellon and in Pittsburgh. Since my freshman year, It has been my primary focus outside of academics. I started off involved in the technical side of the show, working with setup and film. As a sophomore, I designed a line along with two peers. The next year, I was on the creative team developing the visual branding of the show. As a senior, I became Co-Producer/Co-President, and have been involved in all aspects from the show. The show will occur on February 13th, 2015.  


STrain: Co-PRoducer

For Lunar Gala 2016, I co-produced and managed the organization along with Miriam Buchwald and Jibby Ayo-Ani..  I was involved in art direction, technical setup, and budget.  This involved working with a board of 30+ in running a blog, online presence, website, creative materials, 20+ fashion designers, and 50+ models.   Overall, the organization has grown to over 120 members. 

As a team we worked on theme and branding:

“Strain \’strān\ — The evolution of a form over time from the application of external forces – pressure, tension, and constriction, in order for an organism to survive. Through the past twenty years of growth, Lunar Gala has strained to evolve beyond the usual, and will continue to do so for years to come.”

Print Media  & Branding: 

Designed by Robyn Lambert, Rachel Chang, Irene Jeong, Yoon-ji Kim




Promotional Video Content:

by Kaleb Crawford and Alisa Le


By Gene Hua, Sophie Vennix, and Zai Alyiu

Informational Video Content

by Angelina Namkung

Overall, one of the most rewarding parts of my college career

photo by Chloe Chia

SENHUA: Fashion Designer

As part of Lunar Gala 2014, the annual Carnegie Mellon Fashion show, I designed a fashion line with classmate Chloe Chia.  The line was based off of the concept of doodles and organic forms such as fishtails and flowers.  Post design process, I worked with sophomore Alex Kane to build the looks, using completely hand dyed and patterned fabrics. I then used laser cutting methods to form other parts out of unconventional materials such as styrene and velvets. 


 This project was largely experimental for me. I really wanted to play around with unconventional methods and learn about materials and their possible usage.  A lot of the building process consisted of trial and error with dyes and structures.  I had never previously worked with soft goods, so the project became a really great research and learning experience.